At any given time there are many dedicated parents and staff members heading up various fundraising efforts to help bridge the gap between the tuition charged per student and the actual cost to educate the child.  Read on to learn more about how you can help our school succeed in becoming the premier Catholic school on Chicago's Northwest side. 


This year our Wolf Run will be held at Dunham Park...half way between both campuses. We thought it would be fun to utilize this great space - our defacto "Home Field" where we practice several of our outdoor sports -  for the actual Wolf Run and then extend the time together by playing some field day games while we're there. Due to some concerns about drop off at the park, we have regrouped and will now be bussing kids from each campus as early as we can get the busses to pick us up. Kids will run in grade bands (youngest kids first) and then spend a little time together with their classmates from across the campuses having a warm weather treat and playing on the playground. They will then be bussed back to school for regular lunch and regular dismissal.


Run Times - utilizing two tracks
The run is approximately 30 minutes for each group.
10:00 am - PK - Grade 3
11:15 am - Grades 4 - 8

Thursday’s Lunch Schedule (Regular lunch format back at the schools)
11:45 - 12:05 pm - PK - Grade 3
12:15 - 12:35 pm - Grades 4- 8


This year we are partnering with Boosterthon - a company that specializes in organizing fun-run fundraising events for schools - to execute our 2nd Annual Wolf Run. Based on their past experience they have helped us set a goal they think is attainable using their system, and the money raised will be used to purchase  A FULL CART OF CHROMEBOOKS AND CHARGING CARTS FOR EACH CAMPUS!

One benefit to using Boosterthon is that much of the promotion of the event is done online so we can all share the request for support on social media and by email, which means we can garner support from friends and family far and wide!  



Click the video below to learn more about how this will work. 


Parents, please go to to register your children and upload a fun photo of them to create a customized Castle Quest video that you can use online either by private email to friends and family, or by social media! The further out this goes, the more successful we will be with it! 

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 5.25.43 PM.png



Boosterthon was brought to us by our Parents' Club last year on the recommendation of several other schools in the area who have used them. They bring many years of experience helping schools to optimize their fun run fundraising, and they bring a ton of creativity and energy to the program.  We are excited to see how this goes and if it works out as planned, we may continue to use them in the future.  Please take a look at some of their experience:


Yes! Between generous sponsorships and a boost from our Parents' Club, each student will receive a FREE maroon and gold t-shirt with the winning 2018 Wolf Run Logo, designed by our very own student - Annie Figueroa!  Please support our generous sponsors!

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 4.04.05 PM.png



Neighborhood Discount Card

A simple way to support the school and save while you're out supporting our neighborhood partners! Lots of local retailers and restaurants participate!


Box Tops For Education

An easy way to clip and contribute!  Click here for more info on Box Tops!

Trivinia Winter Trivia Night - Saturday, February 24 


Northwest Side Irish St. Patrick's Day Parade
We will once again be marching in the Northwest Side Irish Parade representing Pope Francis Global Academy!  All are invited to participate wearing Wolf gear and passing out info/candy to the crowds. Sunday, March 11. Line up begins around 10 and parade step off is at Noon. We should wrap up by about 1.  SIGN UP HERE.


St. Joseph's Day Pasta Dinner Fundraiser - Friday, March 16


My Lovey and Me Photo Shoot Fundraiser for Parents' Club - Sunday, March 18



As we begin this journey together, there will be many opportunities to support our new school.  We ask first for your prayers.  We ask that you join hands in the work of formation.  Come to our masses and our special events.  Visit us when we have an Open House. 

Finally, we will ask for your financial investment.  Tuition does not cover the cost of education in any of our schools within the Archdiocese. We depend on the gifts of everyone in our extended family who believes in Catholic education.  For more information about the difference you can make at Pope Francis Global Academy, please contact Jodi Thyen at 773-892-2011 or


While big donors gain a big tax benefit from donating, even more humble contributions from individuals can really maximize their contribution to a specific school by donating into this scholarship fund.  If you were to donate $1,000 and ear mark it not only for Archdiocese of Chicago schools, but specifically to Pope Francis Global Academy, $750 of that money would be eligible for a full tax credit.  (from the Tax Policy Center/Brookings Institute: "Tax credits are subtracted not from taxable income, but directly from a person’s tax liability; they therefore reduce taxes dollar for dollar. As a result, credits have the same value for everyone who can claim their full value.") Read more HERE. 

Talk to your tax preparer about the value of this type of contribution TODAY! While there is a cap on how much can be donated into this fund, they haven't reached the cap, so it's worth looking into. 

HERE is a good explanation of how it all works. 

More information can be found at, , and at