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Throughout the school year and even in the summer there are many ways you can help support Pope Francis Global Academy. Below we’ve listed a few and we are open to any new ways you can think of too!

On occasion our school needs help from outside of our own parent/family community. Please contact Mrs. Czyz or Mrs. Garrett to offer your ideas.


As a Catholic school whose goal is to never let cost stand in the way of giving your children a solid spiritual and educational foundation, our tuition has been kept to a level which is manageable for most families. However, the tuition (and fees) that we are able to charge does NOT cover all of the costs necessary to educate our students. The balance is made up through many different types of fundraisers, most of which are fun and engaging, and people like to do them. We hope that you will come and support our fundraiser because this funding goes directly into making our school a premier Catholic school.

Please click the red links below to find out more about each of these fundraisers, how you can help or participate, and who to contact to offer your assistance!


Box Tops For Education
An easy way to clip and contribute!  Click here for more info on Box Tops!


As we begin this journey together, there will be many opportunities to support our new school.  We ask first for your prayers.  We ask that you join hands in the work of formation.  Come to our masses and our special events.  Visit us when we have an Open House. 

Finally, we will ask for your financial investment.  Tuition does not cover the cost of education in any of our schools within the Archdiocese. We depend on the gifts of everyone in our extended family who believes in Catholic education.  For more information about the difference you can make at Pope Francis Global Academy, please contact Jodi Thyen at 773-892-2011 or


While big donors gain a big tax benefit from donating, even more humble contributions from individuals can really maximize their contribution to a specific school by donating into this scholarship fund.  If you were to donate $1,000 and ear mark it not only for Archdiocese of Chicago schools, but specifically to Pope Francis Global Academy, $750 of that money would be eligible for a full tax credit.  (from the Tax Policy Center/Brookings Institute: "Tax credits are subtracted not from taxable income, but directly from a person’s tax liability; they therefore reduce taxes dollar for dollar. As a result, credits have the same value for everyone who can claim their full value.") Read more HERE. 

Talk to your tax preparer about the value of this type of contribution TODAY! While there is a cap on how much can be donated into this fund, they haven't reached the cap, so it's worth looking into. 

HERE is a good explanation of how it all works. 

More information can be found at, , and at