When our students walk in, they know they are loved. Met by warm and caring teachers, they’re quick to settle in, feeling immediately at home. When a child feels safe and comfortable, she is ready to learn the social, emotional and academic skills necessary to move successfully through Pre-K, seamlessly into kindergarten, and onto grade school. Our integrated curriculum from Pre-K through8th grade ensures that Pope Francis Global Academy is not just a short-term preschool solution, but a long-term partner in yourchild’s educational and spiritual foundation.



Research shows that multi-age groupings in a classroom settingbenefit both younger and older students. Older children have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and engage in more help-giving, problem-solving, and teaching behaviors. Younger children benefit from the assistance, nurturing, and modeling of positive behavior by the older students. This dynamic helps all children in the classroom increase their level of independence and competence.

With two fun-filled, center-based Pre-K classrooms at each campus, our program offers multiple options that meet students and families where their specific needs lie. 


Inspiriting a Mindful Global Consciousness

At Pope Francis Global Academy our mission begins in Pre-Kindergarten. Helping students appreciate and celebrate their differences lays the groundwork for greater understanding ofworld cultures as they grow. 

Following the lead of our namesake Pope Francis, our Pre-Kteachers work through age-appropriate lessons that impart the Catholic values of respect and dignity for all people, and the satisfaction drawn from of a life of service to others.  


Envisioning a World of Endless Possibilities

When a child is exposed early to the sights, sounds and languagesof the world around him, the foundation is laid for a life of curiosityand exploration. The global studies initiatives aligned throughoutour school teach students how they fit into the bigger picture. Technology, while secondary to hands-on play in our Pre-K classrooms, is utilized for creating connections with other students and exploring cultural traditions throughout the world. 

By exposing kids to big ideas and giving them the skills to navigate their world, we empower our students to set lofty goals and to become agents of positive change.


Program Options

• 3-day and 5-day options are available, with either half-day (morning) or full-day

• Half-day classes, 8 am –11:30 am

• Full-day classes, 8 am –3 pm

For 2016 - 17 tuition information, click HERE.


Program Highlights

• Center-based, play-to-learn philosophy

• Pre-K curriculum aligned with K-8 curriculum

• Music, Art and Gym weekly

• School-wide Global Studies initiatives

• Hot lunch program available

• Extended Day Program available from 6:30 am–6 pm


Class size and teacher ratio

Pope Francis Global Academy strives to achieve best practices from the beginning of your child’s student life. Our Pre-K has no more than the recommended 10:1 student-teacher ratio, with a maximum group size of 20 per classroom.


WOLF PUPS Toddler Program

Introducing a fun new neighborhood play class for parents and kids 18 months to 3 years old. Wolf Pups is a guitar-led music and movement class great for tots to learn socialization and cognitive skills! $40 for an 8-week session with classes alternating between our two campuses. (Ask about pricing for 4 weeks at only one campus).  Flyer with More Info is HERE.   To Register for Wolf Pups, Click HERE.

1st and 3rd Tuesdays at North Campus 9-10 am
2nd and 4th Tuesdays at South Campus 9-10am