At any given time there are dedicated parents and staff heading up various fundraising efforts to help support specific programs that our school offers, or is planning to offer.  Click on the links below to learn more about how you can help our school succeed in becoming the premier Catholic school on Chicago's Northwest side. 

Neighborhood Discount Card

A simple way to support the school and save while you're out supporting our neighborhood partners! Lots of local retailers and restaurants participate!

Box Tops For Education

An easy way to clip and contribute!  Click here for more info on Box Tops!


As we begin this journey together, there will be many opportunities to support our new school.  We ask first for your prayers.  We ask that you join hands in the work of formation.  Come to our masses, our special events.  Visit us when we have an Open House.  Finally, we will ask for your financial investment.  Tuition does not cover the cost of education in any of our schools within the Archdiocese. We depend on the gifts of everyone in our extended family who believes in Catholic education.  For more information about the difference you can make at Pope Francis Global Academy, please contact Jodi Thyen at 773-892-2011 or

Please read the letter below, written by the former principal of St. Cornelius, endorsing the exciting opportunities that Pope Francis Global Academy will offer!

January, 2016     
Dear St. Cornelius Families,    

Catholic Schools Week is quickly approaching.  I have fond memories each year of all the excitement that was present during that week.  It was the time to celebrate not just our own school but Catholic Education throughout the United States.  The National Catholic Education Association would establish a theme each year to help all in our individual communities to focus on the benefits of Catholic Education.

As registration for the 2016-2017 school year quickly approaches, many families have asked my thoughts about the regionalization and the new Pope Francis Global Academy.  After spending 43 years of my educational career at St. Cornelius, of course, I have an emotional attachment to the school. But, my stronger attachment is for Catholic Education.  A wonderful opportunity is being presented to our families.  I had misgivings when I first heard about the regionalization.  However, as the plans are unfolding, I have been very impressed with the investment of the Office of Catholic Schools and the Archdiocese of Chicago in assuring that this will be the best in Catholic Education.  I believe it is the future of Catholic Schools, a necessary change from the idea of parish schools.

As you make your decision, perhaps public school is the way you are leaning.  The public schools in our community, most within walking distance, have excellent reputations, and the costs involved are minimal.  However, no matter how many advantages for choosing public schools, there is no replacement for a Catholic School Education where faith is the basis of each day.   

As you make your plans for Catholic Schools Week, I urge you to include visiting the sites of the new Pope Francis Global Academy at St. Tarcissus and St. Pascal.  Then I urge you to register in the new school.  Will this be a difficult decision to make? Any change is difficult, but I truly believe choosing Pope Francis Global Academy is the right one. It’s exciting to be part of something new.  With prayer and mutual support, I believe the foundation of St. Cornelius as well as that of the other schools involved will not be forgotten but will live on in a new way!

You continue to be in my prayers.  God Bless You!


Mrs. Margaret M. Campbell
Alumni Coordinator and
Former Teacher/Principal