The goal of requiring parent volunteer hours is to encourage a spirit of shared commitment among all families for the benefit of Pope Francis Global Academy. Each family is asked to complete 20 hours of service between April 1st of the current school year and March 31st of the following calendar year/same school year.   After March 31, a final tally will be made of the hours logged by each family and any unmet hours will be billed at $15/hour on or near April 30.  Families will have until June 1 to pay that bill on FACTS.

We prefer to not have to bill anyone, so we encourage you to pace yourself and do several hours each month so you do not come up short.  Opportunities for daytime, nighttime, weekend, at-school, at-home, in the neighborhood, etc. are available.  Please keep an eye out for opportunities. 

Once you do them, don't forget to log them!  LOG VOLUNTEER HOURS HERE.

Current OPPORTUNITIES to earn hours

OFFICE PROJECTS - Throughout the year (let Sandy Czyz or Linda Garrett know that you are available and looking to pick up hours)
There are, on occasion, projects that require extra help in the offices.  Look for those to be posted, or call the school office when you have time to see if there are current needs. 

PARENT AMBASSADORS  Throughout the year (current needs…sign up on Volunteerspot.com…look for links on home page and below.) 
We are always in need of people to help get the word out about our school.  Posting flyers in the neighborhood is one way to help. Parent Ambassadors also help to plan Admissions Events (Open House, Informational Coffees, School Tours, etc.)  They can help with the Wolf Pups program. They can also help to make follow up phone calls to prospective parents and speak after Masses at our founding parishes.  Contact Jodi Thyen at jthyen@pfgacademy.org.

PARENTS' CLUB – Throughout the year (events being planned now)
Helping with any Parents’ Club activities (planning, set up, clean up, whatever they need help with) will count toward your service hours. From taking a position on their board, to heading up a committee, to working on a committee or even, or just taking a shift at the book fair or Holiday Market, they need lots of man-hours from any and all parents to get their wonderful special activities accomplished.  Attending meetings does not count as hours unless you are a board or committee member or planning a specific event.

Room Parents, who organize holiday parties and more, are a subcommittee of Parents’ Club.  If you are interested, contact parentsclub@pfgacademy.org.  Many of these positions VIRTUS is required. VIRTUS INFORMATION HERE.

ATHLETICS – Fall, Winter, Spring (In planning now)
Coaching, planning schedules, ordering uniforms, or other logistics with the Athletic Director and/or coaches, helping with concession stands, helping to plan the banquets or award ceremonies, set up or clean up after events, etc. Speak with a team coach to see what they need help with.  Contact Frank Monaco at frabae@hotmail.com.  (VIRTUS required.)

SCOUTS Ongoing – Check with your parish to find out who you should contact
If you are the leader of a troop of Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts, which serves a significant number of students from PFGA, you may count up to 5 hours of your service to the troop for school service hours.  Hours that may be counted would be hours directly helping to plan or execute a specific meeting/badge-work, service project or school-related project.  Attending a scout event as a guest or chaperone would not count.   (VIRTUS is required.)


Festivals, Open House or Enrollment Events, and School Fairs – Summertime and throughout the year (Volunteers needed now!)

Parent Ambassadors and others are invited to help on certain weekends (primarily in the nice weather) specifically to promote the school at booths at local festivals and farmers’ markets. There is also a preschool fair in the fall where we need help.  There are many hours of help needed in this area.  These opportunities will be published in the Howler and on the school website. Contact Jodi at jthyen@pfgacademy.org.

 Trivia Nights — Fall and Spring (in planning now)

A great, fun way to get to know lots of other parents, Trivia Night is a traditional favorite from a couple of our founding schools! Megan Koffski will head this fall’s event on September 29. She will need help securing prizes, running the side games (heads and tails, raffle, etc.) and possibly MCing the night. Please let her know if you’d like to help, at mduggan24@yahoo.com.

Haunted House – Fall (in planning now)
One of our largest fundraisers of the year, and the one with the most volunteers needed is the Catacombs Haunted House.  This requires hours and hours of planning and many, many people to run it every night ( it runs for 9 nights over the 4 weeks leading up to Halloween!)  You can be heavily involved or you can sign up for a simple shift to take tickets, dress as a ghoul or monster, or work as a monitor.  Contact Lynda Ovalle at lyndaovalle@hotmail.com.  (Many of these positions VIRTUS is required.)

The Haunted House committee is actively seeking volunteers NOW!  Please read the following FAQ about volunteering and then printout the volunteer form, complete it, and turn it in to your campus office in an envelope marked Haunted House.

Howl at the Moon – Fall (in planning now)
Our biggest social event and auction fundraiser of the year, this is held in the spring and requires lots of volunteers for planning, securing auction items, arranging food and drink, etc.  It also requires lots of time working with the kids on their auction projects, promoting the event, setting up the event, running things on the night of the event, and cleaning up after.  Contact Darlene Duggan at shelterreport@gmail.com.  (Some positions VIRTUS is required.)

Wolf Run - May
This is a school fundraiser planned and run by the PFGA Parents’ Club which will happen in May. Contact parents’ Club to sign up to help. Contact parentsclub@pfgacademy.org.