Parent Fundraising Commitment

Families are required to purchase $400 (40 tickets of $10) in fundraising raffle tickets and cash prizes will be awarded through monthly drawings (8 total) during the school year. For families with only a half-day Pre-K student enrolled at PFGA, the mandatory annual fundraising is $200 in raffle tickets (20 tickets at $10 each.)  As the July FACTS bills will include the family's total payment for raffle tickets, each family may then keep monies from the raffle tickets sold to friends and family.

Raffle drawings will be held on the third Thursday of the Month at Parents' Club meetings between September, 2017 and April, 2018.


Parent Volunteer Hours Commitment


The goal of requiring parent volunteer hours is to encourage a spirit of shared commitment among all families for the benefit of Pope Francis Global Academy. Each family is asked to complete 20 hours of service between April 1st of the current school year and March 31st of the following calendar year/same school year.   After March 31, a final tally will be made of logged hours and any unmet hours will be billed at $15/hour on or near April 30.  Families will have until June 30 to pay that bill on FACTS.

We prefer to not have to bill anyone, so we encourage you to pace yourself and do several hours each month so you do not come up short.  Opportunities for daytime, nighttime, weekend, at-school, at-home, in the neighborhood, etc. are available.  Please keep an eye out for opportunities.