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The first few weeks of Pre-K can be bumpy. While some students come to Pre-K with years of experience in an organized day-care setting, some come straight from a home care setting where with Mom, Dad or Grandma, and have not had the opportunity to test out their legs.  Each opportunity to gather with other children in an organized class of any sort helps a student build up the skills necessary for a smooth entry into Pre-K. 

Wolf Pups is fun a guitar-led music, movement and play class for kids 9 months to 3 years old, and their care giver.  It's a great way to introduce tots to the idea of organized play and to build social skills. Children learn to play together, share, transition from one fun task to another while learning songs, dancing and moving, and enjoying free-play time together. 

 The first half of the class is spent in "circle time" with singing, stories and dance.  The second half is spent playing together, or alone, with age appropriate toys.  

The cost for a full 8-week session with classes alternating between our two campuses is $40.  If you prefer to do only 4 weeks at one particular campus you can do so and the cost is $20.  

The 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month we meet in the Extended Day Care room at the North Campus from 9-10 am.  Our 2nd and 4th Tuesday classes are held in the gymnasium at South Campus from 9-10 am.

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