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Parents' Club

We are an organization that is focused on enriching the lives of students in our school community, by supporting their educational and faith development through the use of our time, talents and treasure. 


Ongoing research over decades has shown that when parents are involved at school, their children are more likely to:

  • Earn better grades and higher test scores

  • Graduate and pursue further education

  • Have stronger literacy skills

  • Have better social skills.

The reasons that parent involvement increases student success are many-in itself, simply letting a child know you care and are invested enough to be involved in his day-to-day school sends a clear message about the value of school and education.

Parents that are involved also have better access to information about opportunities for students, allowing them to be stronger advocates for the children.


The PFGA Parents' Club has a private Facebook Group created to provide a forum for Parents' Club and its members to share information and ask questions about school and parish activities and events. 

Good news! Parents' Club will be using the Remind app next year for all group communication. Sign up now to stay in touch over the summer. You can choose to receive push notifications, texts, or emails. (If you already use Remind, simply choose "Join A Class" in the app and search for PFGA.)