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Tuition, Fees and incidental billing, like EDP (Extended Day Program)* for Pope Francis Global Academy students will be paid through FACTS Management, a secure online payment system. Financial assistance applications will also be processed through FACTS.

Each registered family will need to set up a Tuition Billing  Account with FACTS Management regardless of whether tuition payment is made in full up front or paid monthly. Please read this letter from FACTS for details

You will need to access the FACTS website through the link below in order to reach our Pope Francis Global Academy FACTS portal.  If you have a current FACTS account from a previous school, you will be able to add Pope Francis Global Academy to your existing account and utilize your existing log in information.

For setting up your FACTS Tuition Billing Account, go to this link:


  • All tuition payments will be made over 10 months, August, 2017 - May, 2018.  
  • THE JULY payment will ONLY include your Curriculum Fees and Raffle Tickets. 
  • There is no June payment.
  • Families must be current in their 2016-17 payments in order to officially be
    re-enrolled for the 2017-18 year.



Limited financial assistance may be available for families who qualify, including Caritas Scholarships.  Students in Kindergarten through 8th are eligible to apply.  

To be considered for financial assistance, you must first submit your FACTS Grant and Aid Application, upload all required supporting documents, and pay the online application fee ($25) to FACTS.

To be considered for any form of financial assistance, you must complete the  FACTS Grant & Aid Application through your FACTS account. This must be done every year that you would like to be considered for aid.

Caritas Scholarships are renewable, but you must reapply through the FACTS Grand & Aid Application each year.  

Very limited assistance will be available through other sources privately funded scholarships and through internal grants. 

The deadline for current families to apply for Financial Assistance is March 15.  After March 15 any money left will be held for new families.