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The admissions process at Pope Francis Global Academy ideally begins with a visit to one or both of our campuses, either at an open house or another admissions event, or during a personal tour. While our website offers much of the important information you will want to know, there is nothing better than meeting our people and touring the school which will lay the foundation of your child’s lifelong educational and spiritual journey.

Complete the form below to attend one of our upcoming Admissions Events, or call to schedule a tour at another time during the school day. Our Director of Admissions, Jodi Thyen, can be reached at 773-892-2011 or by email at 



The main entrance point for a new student at Pope Francis Global Academy is in Pre-K as a 3 year old however, we welcome applicants at any grade level.  An application for new students is found by clicking the maroon button at the bottom of this page.


Pre-school – Students entering pre-school must be three years old on or before September 1st of the school year for which they are enrolling. A child must independently and successfully use the toilet in order to attend school.  Pull-Ups or other similar products are not acceptable.

Kindergarten – Per State of Illinois regulations, students entering kindergarten must be five years old on or before September 1st of the school year for which they are enrolling.

1st – 8th Grade – Students entering 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th grades must be six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, or thirteen years old, respectively, on or before September 1st of the school year for which they are enrolling.


  1. A completed Application Form (found HERE)

  2. Original copy of the student's birth certificate (we will make a copy and give the original back to you.)

  3. Copy of the student's baptismal certificate (if applicable)

  4. Emergency Health and Notification Form found HERE.


  1. A completed Application Form (found HERE)

  2. Original copy of the student's birth certificate (we will make a copy and give the original back to you.)

  3. Copy of the student's baptismal certificate (if applicable)

  4. Emergency Health and Notification Form found HERE.

  5. A copy of the most recent report card for the child applying which should include attendance record (K or 1st through 8th)

  6. A copy of standardized test scores (3rd through 8th)

  7. For younger transfer students, please provide any benchmark testing they have done (Fontis and Pinnell, Dibels, etc. if any are available)

  8. A copy of your child’s IEP, IESP or 504 (if applicable)

  9. A copy of any additional Catholic Sacramental records completed

All items listed above must be completed and submitted to the school to be considered for admission.



Admission of new students at all grade levels will be determined both by space availability and an evaluation of academic and social/emotional fit within the particular grade level for which the student is applying. A review of the student’s needs will be completed based on all available documents from previous schools and/or outside service providers, consultation with the previous school councilor or administrator, and personal time spent with the parents and student. Students applying to Grades K-8 may also be further assessed, with parent approval, by our staff to help determine his/her academic fit within our program.

With a Resource Teacher at each of our campuses, IDEA support, and state Title services available for those who qualify, we are in a good position to serve an array of student needs, however there may be certain situations in which our school cannot best serve the student applying. 



Once all of the necessary materials are submitted, applications and materials will be reviewed by the Pope Francis admissions team.  If further assessment is found necessary to determine the correct placement of a student, we will establish a time and date together with the family.  This process may take two weeks or more.

Once it is determined that Pope Francis Global Academy is the best fit for the student, we will verify that there is space in the desired classroom . Notification of acceptance will be emailed as soon as possible thereafter.  

If there becomes a waitlist situation, additional considerations for priority of admissions will be based on the following:

  • Currently enrolled students of families whose fee and tuition payments are up-to-date.

  • Siblings of currently enrolled students of families whose fee and tuition payments are up-to-date.

  • Children of parishioners, not currently enrolled in our school.

  • Students transferring from other Catholic schools and/or students whose current parish has no school.

  • Children from non-parishioner families.

  • A wait list will be created for those who have not been accepted in the first round of admissions due to limited space in the applicable classroom. Families will be notified if placed on a wait list and again if/when a space becomes available for their children.


Applications will continue to be accepted and processed until classroom capacity is reached. When a classroom in a particular grade level is filled, we will initiate a wait list. All efforts will be made to open an additional classroom for that level; these decisions will be made based on best practices to support student learning, student socio-emotional needs, and financial impact to the school. In the case that we cannot open additional classrooms for a grade level, additional alternatives will be explored to accommodate all families wishing to attend our school. We may offer you a seat at our other campus if space is available there


All new and/or transfer students who have been accepted will be enrolled on a probationary period of 120 school days at Pope Francis Global Academy. During this probationary period, students are expected to maintain passing grades, have no major disciplinary issues, or require accommodations that the school physically or financially is incapable of supporting. Students with special learning needs may be accepted if the school has the staff and ability, at that time, to make the necessary accommodations to support the child's academic growth and success. During the 120 day probationary period, if the school determines the student is unable to perform with adequate growth in this environment, any prepaid tuition will be prorated and refunded. Tuition covering time in school will not be refunded. All fees are non-refundable.


While there is no set deadline for application, and we will continue to accept applications until all seats are filled, we will fill seats on a first come first served basis. For the 2019-2020 school year, applications will be available beginning in January and families are encouraged to submit applications and paperwork as soon as possible there after to ensure a space for your child.

Our payment plan is structured so that the first payment of the school year is in July. If you apply later than July, your full financial responsibility will be squeezed into fewer months and this will result in higher monthly payments. In addition, the longer you wait to submit an application your chances of financial assistance are greatly reduced.


Once notified of acceptance, the family will be asked to complete their Enrollment by setting up an account/payment plan on FACTS Management, our tuition billing partner.   This will require you to assign a payment method (checking or savings account, or credit card) and establish your preferred dates for monthly payment. 

There is a $200 per family Annual Enrollment Fee (Currently discounted to $100 between January 15 and March 1.)  There is also an annual FACTS Administrative Fee ($45) which will be charged in late May or early June when each account is "finalized" with FACTS, or for late enrollees, within two weeks after the enrollment is complete. 

Also, note that if you pay your tuition and fees in full before August 1 there is a $100 discount per family, in addition to a waiver of 2/3 of the FACTS administrative fee. You will still be required to set up and enroll through FACTS and any other billing (Extended Day Program, 8th grade-fees, service hours, etc.) will be billed through FACTS.

The $200 payment made at the completion of your FACTS Enrollment Form (Currently discounted to $100 until March 1) will be the final step in the Admissions Process. The process will not be considered complete until the Enrollment Fee is paid.

If you have already received an acceptance letter by email, CLICK HERE TO PROCEED WITH ENROLLMENT.


For any student transferring in from another school, please complete THIS Pope Francis Global Academy Request for Records Form and submit it to your current school.  They will send copies of the complete transcripts DIRECTLY TO US. You may, at the same time, request a copy from the records for yourself to keep on file.  A new student will not be allowed to start the school year until transcripts have been received.

For current Pope Francis families wishing to enroll a new sibling, we ask that you first alert Jodi Thyen, the Director of Admissions, and she will set up a visit for the student and parents to the pre-K classrooms. Then, we ask you to complete THIS SIBLING APPLICATION for our records and once school readiness has been established, you will enroll the new sibling on FACTS when you re-enroll your current students.

For new siblings entering at a grade-level 1st through 8th, we would ask that you contact Jodi Thyen to arrange a meeting.


See the Important Forms Page.