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As we gear up for enrollment season... pushing out all new marketing materials, participating in school fairs, reaching out to prospective families, setting up tours and open house events, etc....we are counting on you, our current families, for the CRITICAL ROLE you play in planning for the 2019-20 school year. Please complete your FACTS re-enrollment NOW! By doing so you will help us gain a clearer picture of the availability we will have in each classroom for NEW students.  Thank you!

Instructions for re-enrolling:

1      Click HERE TO log into your current FACTS account.

2      Log into your current FACTS account. You will land on a page that says “Hello” at the top. Click the “Set up a Payment Plan” button.  Unfortunately, t's not very big so you'll have to look for it.  (PLEASE NOTE: Completing the FACTS Grant and Aid Application is NOT the same as re-enrolling)

3      This will take you to a screen that says “Welcome.” Just above the word “Welcome”, click the 2019-2020 School year button. More info will pop up for you to read, then press “Begin.”

4      Everything from there should be straightforward. You will be setting up “customer” information, “student” information, “forms”, your “payment options”, your “payment details” and your “payment schedule.”

5 If you have a NEW SIBLING beginning this year at Pope Francis, please “enroll” them on FACTS with your returning students AND COMPLETE AND RETURN THIS PAPER NEW SIBLING APPLICATION TO THE SCHOOL OFFICE.

6      The process will be complete once you “review” and “authorize” the enrollment fee payment and that payment is processed ($100, rather than the full $200, if you do it before March 1.)

7      From that point, you are re-enrolled and your space at Pope Francis Global Academy is secured.

8      In May, your annual tuition and fees will be applied to your family’s account, and the $45 Annual FACTS Administrative Fee (they call it an “enrollment” fee) will be processed. At that point, you will be able to see what your monthly payments will look like, beginning in with the July Resource and Fundraising Fees billing.

9      August through May payments will be for tuition and any incidentals, including EDP payments (for services used.)


If you plan to apply for FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE please first see if you would qualify for an Illinois state tax credit scholarship by CHECKING THE CHART FOUND HERE. If, based on your family size and your adjusted gross income, your family would qualify, you MUST apply through both Empower Illinois (On January 15 at 7 pm) and through Big Shoulders Fund SGO (On January 22 at 8 am) before you will be considered for any other forms of assistance.

If you qualify but do not receive a tax credit scholarship, you should then submit a FACTS Grant and Aid Application and then you will be considered for aid through Caritas, the McGraw Foundation, and any other sources we can find available to you.

If you DO NOT QUALIFY for the tax credit scholarships but you do feel like you have financial need, whether or not you have received assistance in the past, you may skip to the FACTS Grant and Aid Application.

FACTS Grant and Aid Applications are due March 15.

You may use your 2017 Tax Returns for Empower Illinois, Big Shoulders and FACTS Grant and Aid.