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Instructions on Re-enrollment

1      Click through to your currentFACTS account from here:

2      Log into your current FACTS account. You will land on a page that says “Hello” at the top. Click the “Set up a Payment Plan” button.  Unfortunately, t's not very big so you'll have to look for it. 

3      This will take you to a screen that says “Welcome.” Just above the word “Welcome”, click the 2018-2019 School year button. More info will pop up for you to read, then press “Begin.”

4      Everything from there should be straightforward. You will be setting up “customer” information, “student” information, “forms”, your “payment options”, your “payment details” and your “payment schedule.”

5      The process will be complete once you “review” and “authorize” the enrollment fee payment and that payment is processed ($100, rather than the full $200, if you do it before March 1.)

6      From that point, you are re-enrolled and your space at Pope Francis Global Academy is secured.

7      In May, all costs will be applied to each family’s account, and the $45 Annual FACTS Administrative Fee (they call it “enrollment” fee) will be processed. At that point, you will be able to see what your monthly payments will look like, beginning in July with the Resource Fees and Fundraising billing.

8      August through May payments will be for tuition and any incidentals, including EDP payments (for services used.)

Please, call with any questions. Thanks so much!

Jodi Thyen
Director of Admissions and Advancement