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Recently, the Archdiocese of Chicago completed an analysis comparing our school’s ACT Aspire scores with the PARCC scores at the public schools closest to us. The analysis looked at the percentage of students at each school who achieved a score of “Ready” or “Exceeds” on the ACT Aspire test and the percentage that scored “Meets” or “Exceeds”on the PARCC test. Both tests evaluate math and reading skills based on the Common Core Curriculum. Those who “Meet or Exceed Expectations” on PARCC, or score “Ready or Exceeds” on ACT are considered "on track for college and career.” Here is how we scored compared to local public schools:

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 10.17.48 PM.png

We are thrilled to see this comparison, but not surprised. We gained 14 new students this summer who are transferring in from some form of CPS school. Word is out and people are beginning to understand the value of a Catholic education at Pope Francis Global Academy! We believe this is an important analysis to share with you, our school families, because we believe you will want to share this news with your friends and family.