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Extended Day Program

Having an option for extending the school day, either before school or after, is very important for many of our families.  Having a safe and reliable program puts our school parents at ease and allows them the time necessary to get to and from their own jobs without arriving late, and to complete their workday without having to leave early.  

Both before school care and after school care are offered at each of our campuses for an additional fee.  You may drop your child/ren off as early at 6:30 am and pick them up as late as 6 pm.  Before Care is typically a time for kids to simply socialize with others, play with the toys and games in the room, or read a book.  During After Care, children will first work on homework and then be given time to play games, socialize with friends and go blow off some steam in the gym or outdoors.  Children are always under careful supervision by our EDP teachers. 

Parents must plan to bring their children into the dedicated EDP space each day and sign them in for Before Care.  Likewise, parents must come to the room to sign their child/ren out at the end of the day for After Care.

We encourage all PFGA parents to sign up each of their children for EDP even if you don't plan to use it regularly.  This way, in a last-minute situation, we will have all of the proper information on-file with the EDP teachers should you call to say your child needs to stay after school one day.

EDP billing is tracked by the sign in/out sheets and parents pay only for the days/hours that it is utilized.  The basic cost is $6 per child per hour.


North Campus: 773.763.7080 Ext. 1012
South Campus: 773.736.3819