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Spiritual Charter

Pope Francis Global Academy is dedicated to forming students in the spirit of the Gospel and preparing them to be committed disciples of Jesus Christ. To that end, the purpose of a spiritual charter is to help our students to connect the dots between the content of our Catholic faith, their prayer and service, and their life experience, which includes relationships with family and friends, leisure activities, their successes and failures, their dreams and hopes for the future, and their exposure to the conflicting values in society.   Our teachers and administration utilize this information to help stay focused on the goal.  The complete document can be downloaded HERE. 

Our comprehensive Spiritual Charter focuses on 6 major tenets:

  • Encounter the Living Christ
  • Go to God Together
  • Follow the Catholic Way of Life
  • Meet Christ in Prayer and Worship
  • Be Committed Disciples
  • Be Global Citizens of the World

Our spiritual charter focuses on a number of values that were identified by our founding members' planning teams: the importance of community, Christian service, courageous faith, love for the Mass and a deep sense of the presence of God within. Our new school is appropriately named after Pope Francis because these are also the values that he compellingly gives witness to and invites us to accept as well.

This spiritual charter seeks to answer the question: “How do we form a mature, committed Catholic?” The answer, of course lies not just in teaching the truths of the faith, but a commitment to prayer and worship, Christian service, learning how to live a virtuous life, and to live with respect and integrity in community with others in a diverse world.

At the heart of all Christian formation is our participation at Mass. And so you find that regular participation at Sunday Mass will be a primary value in our spiritual charter.

At the Lord’s Table we discover who we are as God’s family. Our hearts and minds are formed at Mass by the power of God’s Word. We do not come to Mass simply to offer our individual prayers, but to open our lives to the transforming power of God who makes us his holy people. It’s at Mass that we learn we are never alone, but a people in whom Christ dwells and accompanies us in carrying out his mission. Families who participate in Mass together grow stronger in mutual love and a clear direction for life.

Our goals and efforts in Catholic education are weakened when the Eucharist fails to be the center and integrating force in our families. For this reason, Pope Francis Global Academy makes family participation in Sunday Mass a high priority and expectation.

The complete version of our Spiritual Charter can be FOUND HERE.