The world has become an ever-more connected place through the help of technology and the increased opportunity to travel, study, and work abroad.  Our goal is to nurture a curiosity about and appreciation for the many unique cultures of the world, and to teach our students how to successfully navigate such a global environment. 

Over the course of their studies at Pope Francis Global Academy, students will gain an understanding of various global issues considered crucial in today’s world, and also held dear by our school's namesake, Pope Francis.  Awareness and appreciation of global cultures, and the desire to truly understand and improve situations throughout the world, helps our students to become good stewards and eventually, responsible leaders in today’s multi-national society.

Our Global studies program will develop your student by providing:

  • An awareness of other world regions, cultures, and international issues
  • An ability to communicate in Spanish, as well as do research and use
    information from global sources
  • An appreciation of different cultures, necessary in a world of increasing
    diversity in our schools and workplaces
  • An ability to become better global citizens and understand the impact
    of global issues
  • An opportunity to gain empathy and understanding through field trips
    and service learning centered on global issues


Pope Francis Global Academy has also partnered with the MARYKNOLL FATHERS AND BROTHERS to help pilot the DISCOVER YOUR NEIGHBOR curriculum.  This is a tremendous resource which helps to build awareness and empathy among our student body through tying Gospel teachings to real-world, modern-day global issues.  Our Discover your Neighbor curriculum is broken down by church season and is taught throughout the school in an age appropriate format. You can explore the curriculum materials here:


In the spring we host a celebration of cultures at each of our two campuses. Students complete research projects on different countries throughout the world, creating presentations which include information ranging from geographic location, climate, language, religion, political system, and the foods, music and cultural traditions of their chosen countries.  International Night also includes many multi-cultural foods to sample as well as musical and/or cultural dance presentations by the students.