Fees and Family Commitments to Our School


ENROLLMENT FEE - $200 per Family
(Discounted to $100 until March 1 at midnight)

This enrollment season, all families will complete their enrollment forms on-line through their FACTS account and the registration fee will be automatically withdrawn upon completion of the form.

Instructions on how to enroll can be found here. If you do not yet have a FACTS account, you will need to create one.  GET STARTED.

A link to the ENROLLMENT FORM IS HERE.  Note: The annual FACTS administrative fee has been increased from $40 to $45 to cover the new online enrollment.

CURRICULUM RESOURCE FEE - $250 per Student K-8th*

A significant outlay for new curricular materials, including books and resources, has been made this year to support much of our new curriculum. In the coming year and all subsequent years, there will be a continued investment in these types of important resources materials.  This fee is non-refundable. 


Families with any full-day students will again be required to purchase or sell 40 raffle tickets at $10 each for a total of $400 per family in fundraising.  For families having only half-day Pre-K students, the mandatory fundraising is $200 in raffle tickets (20 tickets at $10 each.)

Tickets will be available by August 15 and sales may begin immediately thereafter. Once the July payment is made and tickets are distributed, each family may keep monies from the raffle tickets they sell to friends and family.  Some people have chosen to not sell their tickets but to use them for their own chance to win. 


  • All tuition payments will be made over 10 months, August, 2017 - May, 2018.  
  • THE JULY payment will ONLY include your Curriculum Fees and Raffle Tickets. 
  • There is no June payment.
  • Families must be current in their 2016-17 payments in order to officially be
    re-enrolled for the 2017-18 year.


Each family is required to complete 20 hours of service between April 1st of the current school year and March 31st of the following year.  At least five of the hours must be from work on either the Haunted House, Howl at the Moon or the Walk-a-thon. Families will be billed for any shortage at the rate of $15 per hour on their April FACTS invoice. The goal of the parent service challenge is to encourage a spirit of shared commitment among all families for the benefit of the school, students, and community of Pope Francis Global Academy, so we hope to have 100% participation for the full 20-hour commitment.

It is the parent’s responsibility to log all service hours on the on-line form found on the Parent Information Page of the school website.  LOG HOURS HERE.